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04.12.2019 12:44

Bremer GmbH takes place at Wire in Düsseldorf!

The WIRE in Düesseldorf/Germany ist a traditional fair where we are well know since many years as a leader of the market in the section of drawing dies and drawing die manufacturing machines.

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Diamond Suspension Strong

Diamond Suspension Strong for polishing of drawing dies
Diamond Suspension Strong for polishing of drawing dies

Diamond suspension for polishing of tungsten carbide dies the BREMER GmbH is offering the following grains:

1-2 µm • 2-4 µm • 3-6 µm • 4-8 µm • 6-12 µm • 8-15 µm • 10-20 µm • 20-30 µm • 30-40 µm

We can realize the production of special grains which are adapted to your own needs.

Advantages of the BREMER diamond suspension:

  • No additional costs compared with loose diamond powder
  • Adhers excellent to the needle
  • Diamond suspension can be used without any addition of lubrication
  • Very high removal
  • Even distribution of the diamond grains within the suspension
  • Very high shine effect

Improved again! - NEW RECIPE

We have developed a new, even more effective composition for difficult applications. The new suspension promises higher efficiency and faster processing of the dies.

We can say that it can achieve a maturity reduction of at least 10-15%. It definitely pays off for you to try this new development.

Just try it!

Order the new diamond suspension strong!

Put diamond suspension onto the needle and start polishing. The die has to be cleaned after every step of the polishing.

The following comparison is showing clearly the differnece between the common diamond suspension availabel on the market:

Bremer Diamond suspension   Common diamond suspensions
  • even distribution of the diamond grains
  • no formation of Agglomerate
  • ready for use diamond suspension with even distribution of diamond
  • uneven distribution of diamond grains
  • great formation of Agglomerate
  • loose diamond grains self-mixed with water or oil – uneven distribution of diamond with Agglomerates
tl_files/bremer/layout/Diamantsuspension-Bremer.jpg   tl_files/bremer/layout/Diamantsuspension-herkoemmlich.jpg

3 µm - V=200:1

  3 µm - V=200:1

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