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05.02.2018 16:41

Bremer GmbH takes place at Wire in Düsseldorf!

The WIRE in Düesseldorf/Germany ist a traditional fair where we are well know since many years as a leader of the market in the section of drawing dies and drawing die manufacturing machines.

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Company - Willi Bremer GmbH

Bremer GmbH - Die tool processing / manufacturing machines
Company building of the Willi Bremer GmbH

The company Willi Bremer GmbH develops and produces die tool processing / manufacturing machines for the production and repair of drawing die-tools as well as software, knowledge and technical assistance. The synthesis as highly efficient development and manufacturing company BREMER is becoming a supplier of overall solutions. By the company takeover of the insolvent company Paul Schaaf in September 2009 BREMER made a big step towards market leadership.

By this purchase BREMER realized the internationalization in the most important export markets. The objective of the past years to become a clearly structured technological company with international orientation was realized in the first stages as it had been planned. Today, the company is successfully managed since 34 years and has gained a continuously increasing importance on the world market. The company history started on September 1st, 1977 as diamond and hard metal drawing die factory.


Nowadays, the company consists of 4 important branches of production:

  • Diamond (PKD)- and hard metal drawing die production
  • Calibrating and measuring pins
  • Manufacturing of consumables for the drawing die manufacturing (e. g. diamond paste and suspension)
  • Die tool processing / manufacturing machines


Bremer GmbH Ziehstein- und Maschinen-Produktion
Building-entrance of the of Willi Bremer GmbH

We deliver individual installations for modernization of already existing processing installations as well as complete repair shops. Furthermore, we offer individual software, knowledge and technical assistance designed state-of-the-art. 

At the international trade fair at Basel in 1984 BREMER presented a semi-automatic drawing die processing machine for the first time to the world. This universal processing machine KPM2 laid the foundations for the large range of drawing die processing machines.


Firstly in 1986 this universal processing machine is presented with lots of success at the metal trade faire at Peking. This at that time completely new and patented process system for the processing of hard metal drawing dies was also imitated by other manufacturers in the following years.


Developments which point the way are achieved in the field of automated drawing die production with the introduction of the hard metal automatic processing center KPM (cone polishing machine with performance step counter) and ZPM (cylinder polishing machine with an accuracy of 1 μm) as well as  the fully automatic machine KPM4AC. Today the manufacturing of drawing die tools is mostly automated.


Assembly hall for die tool processing/manufacturing machines
Assembly hall for die tool processing/manufacturing machines

In the year 1987 CNC controlled lathes are introduced and the set-up of a division for the manufacturing of drawing die mountings was started. In connection with this extension of the product range, Mr. M. Lejcko took over the engineering management in the field of mechanical engineering. The modern engineering methods among others with a 3D CAD working place are playing a significant part in the development.

Since 3 decades drawing dies are manufactured quality-conscious and state-of-the-art. The experiences resulting hereof as well as the applied knowledge on different drawing die materials and applications are nowadays reflected in technically founded advice of the customers as well as the manufacturing of drawing die tools.

The optimum advice of the customer regarding the geometry of drawing dies and of the material are today additionally supported by our own software programs. Fully automated computer controlled product processes as well as comprehensive process and product controls guarantee a constantly high quality level.

Due to the takeover of the former company SCOB a new manufacturing hall with a production surface of more than 2000 sqm is at out disposal. Furthermore, after the takeover we disposed of several training rooms as well as production facilities for the expansion of our grinding division with the manufacturing of precision measuring pins. Also lately we were able to continue the dialogue with the international professional experts on trade fairs (Düsseldorf / Moscow / Shanghai / Tokyo).