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04.12.2019 12:44

Bremer GmbH takes place at Wire in Düsseldorf!

The WIRE in Düesseldorf/Germany ist a traditional fair where we are well know since many years as a leader of the market in the section of drawing dies and drawing die manufacturing machines.

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BREMER GmbH - All out of one hand

BREMER - worldwide

Willi Bremer GmbH was founded in 1976 by Willi Bremer. The product and manufacturing program of Bremer has extended corresponding to new technologies and new economical demands for efficient, automatic production and computerized controlling.

More than once Bremer has set up with its own developments new innovative trends and new technical standards for producing drawing tools. Nowadays Bremer has a large range of products which complement one another.

Bremer - Machines

The machine program includes all machines which are necessary for working, calibrating, polishing, cleaning, measuring, checking and stamping of drawing dies with round and profiled bores. Bremer produces mainly ultrasonic- , wire polishing-, cone and bearing working-, calibrating-, laser-boring-, sinterpresses, ultrasonic cleaning machines, equipment for measuring of the bore diameter, cylinder, the roundness, the wire elongation, the wire diameter, the tensile force as well as special machines for customer´s special requirements.

In the last years Bremer delivered several complete die production lines all over the world (USA, Brazil, Korea, India, Hungaria, China Japan.) The Bremer program also contains products (grinding and polishing compounds, diamond powder -pastes, -suspension, Boron carbide, wooden lapping pins, pliers, microscopes, a.s.o.) which are necessary to produce drawing tools. Also other services (repairing and checking of tools, milling, lathing, wire erosion, and ultrasonic drilling, a.s.o.)

Bremer - Know How

Individual and professional counsel to every customer are essential concerns of the Bremer team.

Training courses in machine operating is permanent component of the service program. After many participations to fairs all over the world (Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, Peking, Singapore, Budapest, Shanghai Moskau, Basel, Düsseldorf a.s.o.) Bremer became a synonym for know-how and quality worldwide.

Today more than 60% of the production are destined to all continents of the world. Permanent searches and tests in the machine shop of the Bremer production lead to further developments. Bremer innovative and progressive enterprise philosophy is determined by Quality - Flexibility - Service - Qualification and Motivation of the Bremer team.